Chauffeur Only Service

When all you need is the chauffeur
You have the nice car, we can supply the chauffeur from our Chauffeur Only service.

I have the car – therefore your “chauffeur only” service is all I need!

Chauffeur only hire – hire the driver when you already have the nice car…..

Sometimes you have a lovely car of your own or for your business – but occasionally you may need someone to drive you around, we are here to help.

Examples where our “Chauffeur Only” service can work perfectly for you:-

  • Special event, like Royal Ascot – we drive while you entertain, whilst keeping your licence safe
  • Create an image – you want to impress by offering a professional chauffeur but in YOUR CAR.
  • Sickness/Holidays – your normal chauffeur is unavailable and you need a temporary replacement? We can help you – by the hour, by the day, or the week – we can be very flexible!
  • Assistance during medical or legal driving restrictions home or abroad. Skiing accident while on holiday – we can help rescue your car!
  • Designated driver for social events like a family wedding.
  • Vehicle delivery, when you want to know your pride and joy will arrive in one piece – long distance, or no so long, we can help.
  • You just need some help……we are here here to assist, call us today or use the contact/further information form below.
At your service
Attention to detail, for business or pleasure – how about your forthcoming wedding?

We can supply you with an experienced chauffeur who is available for one off events like Royal Ascot or the family wedding, whilst regular bookings for business or pleasure may provide that professional touch.

Another advantage of our “Chauffeur Only” service is location. Although based within the south east corner of London within the M25, our drivers can meet you nearly anywhere. So whether you live in Orpington, Maidstone, Bromley, Croydon or central London – we can help.