Your Wedding Car - Making The Right Choice

Choosing Your Wedding Car

Choosing your wedding car is an important decision in the wedding planning process, but with so much choice and so many factors to consider, it can seem totally overwhelming. We’ve chatted to some colleagues in the wedding car industry and come up with a list of top tips to consider when choosing your wedding car, and what you should look for before making that all-important booking.

1) What type of car?

Here at Executive & Airport Travel we specialise in modern, executive wedding vehicles like the Mercedes S Class or E Class, however you may want something different.  Maybe you or your partner are in to classic cars like the VW Beetle or Ford Cortina, or you fancy arriving in a vintage car like the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. If you are looking for the classic or vintage, ensure you go to a business that specialises in this type of vehicle - but look early as they book up well in advance


2. Looking for the Vintage or Classic Wedding Car......

Then look before you buy to avoid disappointment. We suggest viewing these types of cars and making a short list before booking your final choice, this way you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting on the morning of your wedding, and you’ll be better informed to make a decision on which type of wedding car you’d like.  This leads on to tip 3.


3. Consider your wedding dress

Sometimes this is overlooked when booking a wedding car, will the bride and her dress actually fit inside - especially important when considering classic cars! We suggest practising sitting down at your final dress fitting and imagine the space you will have between the seats in your chosen car. It is not unusual that the first time the bride sits down in her wedding dress is the day of her wedding. It is better to find out now it uncomfortable and difficult to breathe – it will allow you to have a comfortable ride to the venue and for the reception after the big event.


4. Complement your colour scheme

Your wedding car will appear in many of your wedding photos, so discuss with your prospective providers what colou ribbons and bows are available or better still provide your own for the perfect match.  Whether you decide to go for a neutral car that complements your theme, or whether you’d prefer something that stands out in your photographs, just consider whether your car goes with your vision before booking.


5. Use a reputable wedding car company

Ask the providers what they will do if the chosen vehicle breaksdown or is involved in a crash prior to your big day.  This is usually easier to answer for the modern cars, but don't let it spoil your day if you have chosen a classic or vintage car.


6. Book well ahead

If you’ve got your heart set on a certain vehicle, it’s imperative that you book it in good time. Wedding transport companies get very booked up on popular wedding weekends and especially during the summer, so make sure you get in their first to avoid disappointment. This maybe even one year ahead.


7. Dont arrive too early....

The bride may well be allowed to be late, but don't arrive too early either.  It is very common for guests to arrive at the venue just as the bride is walking down the isle, so either tell your guests to arrive a little earlier than is truthfull or arrive slightly late.  If your collection address is a long way from the wedding venue, ensure you have ample time to get there - the situation is stressful enough without adding to the stress.


8. Don’t forget the rest of the bridal party

In the excitement of booking your wedding car, it’s easy to forget about others! Don’t forget that your Mother and bridesmaids will also need to get to the venue, along with the groom, bestman and their parties – if you want to make sure everyone gets there in style, ensure that you consider how many cars you’ll need.  Oh, don't forget that if your wedding reception is not at the church or registry office, make sure one of the ushers takes responsibility for getting all the guests to the reception venue