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Terms & Condions for Executive & Airport Travel

Terms & Conditions November 2016

Thank you for choosing Executive & Airport Travel as your provider of an executive car service.  Below are the terms & conditions which form part of the agreement between Executive & Airport Travel and our clients, and by making a reservation you agree to these terms and conditions.  These terms may be altered from time to time; therefore we recommend you review this page on a regular basis.  Variations are possible, but only by prior written agreement with Executive & Airport Travel.

1. Bookings may only be placed through our registered office by telephone, letter or email (info@eatravel.co.uk) and not directly with the driver.  This is a requirement of Transport for London TPH (previously known as PCO), our regulatory authority.

2 2.1. Unless previously agreed, for example where an account has been opened, all fares are payable on completion of the agreed journey in cash.

2.2 Credit card or cheques are not normally accepted, except by prior agreement with the management of Executive & Airport Travel. Card payment details must be given in advance, however we may be able to arrange for a Chip & Pin card processing machine in the vehicle.  The fare will incur a surcharge of between 3.0% and 6.0% and is subject to the type and origin of the payment card. This service is provided by a third party (details upon request) whose Terms and Conditions apply.  A deposit with the initial booking may be required.

3. Transactions paid for by debit card, are subject to the same fees as Section 2, due to the Terms and Conditions of our third party provider.

4. Our normal terms for accounts issued after the completion of a journey is 14 days by either cheque or BACS as agreed.  Any payment by credit card or debit card will incur the additional cost as stated in Sections 2 and 3 above.  Credit accounts may incur a small service charge.

5. All quoted prices, or estimates, are assuming one pick up and one drop of point, unless otherwise stated.  Additional locations or waiting time may incur a further charge.

6. A request to alter a route is at the discretion of the driver due to other booking commitments; please remember that any alteration may incur further cost.

7 7.1. Goods carried in any vehicle must be lawful under English law.  Where goods may be dangerous, inflammable, or hazardous in any way, 48 hours advanced notice must be given.  If the risk is deemed unacceptable, we then reserve the right to cancel the booking without any form of compensation.  If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, then the full quoted fare is payable.

7.2. It may be possible to transport animals if advanced notice is given.  They must be transported in an appropriate container for the type and size of animal.  Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs may be transported on a lead. If an incident does occur, the person booking the transfer is responsible for any damage or soiling (see 9 below).  Please give 48 hours’ notice to ensure confirmation that the driver is not allergic too or has a phobia about a particular type of animal.

8. No food or drinks may be consumed in the vehicle unless supplied by the driver or with the driver’s prior permission.

9. The person making a booking is ultimately reasonable for any damage or soiling of the vehicle and will be charged at cost (minimum charge £75) plus any loss of earnings applicable to the vehicle.

10. All vehicles are licensed based on their number of passengers.  No booking/hire can commence if there are more passengers than the vehicle is licensed to carry.  Each child represents one available seat; they may not be carried upon a passenger’s lap.  If the journey is unable to commence, then the full fare is still payable.  Where a Child/Booster seat is offered for the passenger’s safety, and this is declined, the driver will not be responsible for any injuries.  The passenger must personally ensure that any Child/Booster seat that has been fitted to the vehicle is fitted correctly for that child.

11. Different vehicles are able to carry different quantities of luggage.  It is therefore important that you confirm what luggage will be carried at the time of booking.  This is especially relevant if an item similar to golf clubs, skis or oversized luggage is intended to be transferred.  If no information is provided and the vehicle supplied is not appropriate (luggage may not be carried in the passenger compartment, a TfL requirement), the fare is still payable in full.

12. We will always try to supply the vehicle/type requested at the time of booking, however if the vehicle becomes unavailable for any reason, we reserve the right to supply an alternative or higher specification at no extra cost to the client.  If the alternative vehicle is of a lower specification than requested, then a reduced rate will be charged.

13. No responsibility for delays caused by adverse weather conditions, strike action, traffic, road closures/works, an Act of God or similar, however we will try to advise clients where possible.

14. Any damage to passengers or third parties is limited to the cost of the fare quoted.

15.1. Cancellation notice required by us for all transfers (except pre-booked airport, sporting events, and weddings) is given below.  For notice required for airport transfers (15.2) and weddings (15.3), see below.
Charges applicable where insufficient notice is provided
by the client prior to the start of the transfer/booking

Booking with anticipated duration of (from base to base):- 
No charge will be applicable if more than this
notice is given 
25% charge will apply if only this notice is given 
50% charge will apply if only this notice is given 
100% charge will apply if only this notice is given

8 hours or more 
More than
72 hours 
Less than 72, but more than 48 hours 
Less than 48, but more than 24 hours 
Less than 24 hours

Less than 8, but more than 4 hours 
More than 24 hours 
Less than 24, but more than 12 hours 
Less than 12, but more than 4 hours.
commencement between 00.00 & 09:00, no later than 20:00 the previous day 
Less than 4 hours or  for
commencement between 00.00 & 09:00, cancellation by 20:00 the previous day

Less than 4 hours 
More than 12 hours 
Less than 12, but more than 8 hours 
Less than 8, but more than 4 hours  or for
commencement between 00.00 & 09:00, cancellation by 20:00 the previous day 
Less than 4 hours or for
commencement between 00.00 & 09:00, cancellation by 20:00 the previous day

15.2. Cancellation of airport transfers to or from a London airport between 09:01 and 23:59 require at least 4 hours’ notice of cancellation to be without charge.  Airport transfers between 00:00 and 09:00 must be cancelled by 20:00 the previous evening.  Where cancellation is less than required, the full fare is chargeable.  Airports outside the London area will require at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. 

15.3. Cancellations of wedding parties (whether church or other venue), will only forfeit the deposit if more than 30 days’ notice is given.  Where less than 30 days but more than 14 days’ notice is given, then 50% of the quoted fee is payable.  When 14 days or less notice is givens, 100% of the quoted fee is payable.                                                                                                                                

15.4. Sporting events, such as football, rugby and tennis tournaments require the minimum of 24 hours’ notice of cancellation to be without charge. Where the booking is likely to exceed 8 hours duration, then the above table above will apply.

15.5. As the office is closed and unattended on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, these days are not included in any cancellation period.

16. The first 10 minutes of waiting time is included in all quoted prices, thereafter waiting time is charged in 15 minute increments at the standard daytime (06:00 to 23:59) or night rate (00:00 to 05:59) as applicable.  All airport collections, excluding London City, include 45 minutes from the aeroplane touching down. A collection from London City Airport includes 30 minutes from the aeroplane touching down.

17. Flights arriving from ‘short hop’ locations (for example Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg, Paris – but not limited to, or showing less than 110 minutes official flight time) will have their arrival time based upon the scheduled arrival time unless otherwise advised.  This is due to the driver in many cases having to leave his base before the plane has departed from its origin.

18. If a flight is re-routed whilst the driver is en-route for whatever reason, the client will be responsible for any additional waiting time at the airport after the scheduled landing time.  If the client wishes to be collected from the re-routed location, additional charges will apply.

18.1 We are obliged to carry out other pre-booked reservations and cannot cause delay to other clients through no fault of their own, therefore to ensure a vehicle is available for extremely delayed flights, please update the office as early as possible - especially for short hop flights.                                  

19. Parking charges will be charged at ‘cost’.  If a driver is requested to stop or wait where parking restrictions apply, any penalty notice will be invoiced at cost + 20%.                                              

20. Wedding or similar types of bookings are booked on an agree time period starting from the time the vehicle is due to arrive at the collection point.  If the vehicle is required for longer than initially agreed due to no fault on our behalf, then the additional period will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of transfer.

21. All items carried in or on our vehicles are at “the owner’s risk”, however items found will be, where possible, return at the owner’s own expense.  As required by TfL, items will be kept for at least 3 months, except food, which will be disposed of within 48 hours.

Terms and Conditions as at 29th November 2016