Chauffeur Only - your car, our chauffeur

Chauffeur Only Service, your car with our chauffeur

As part of Executive & Airport Travel’s flexible attitude to providing our clients with the services they require, we have added a new service to our range for 2017 called “Chauffeur Only”.  This service is available to all clients whether corporate or private individuals, where they already own a luxury or classic car and therefore only need to hire “The Chauffeur” to drive them.

This can be a cost effective solution which may appeal to an organisation needing to provide temporary cover for their full time chauffeur, who maybe absent due to sickness, holidays, or where you may want to make a good impression to your own clients. This option may also appeal to the private client wishing to use their own luxury vehicle  - "your car, our chauffeur" - for those special occasions such as a family wedding, the frequent business traveller who does not wish to leave their vehicle at the airport’s "valet parking", or the business person who want to use the journey time productively - but has their own luxury car.

You can view our fees and policy relating to a “Chauffeur Only” bookings below. We understand that each booking will be unique and therefore each hire will be personalised to match your exacting requirements and our team will ensure the chauffeur chosen will match or exceed your requirements.


Chauffeur Only Benefits

Main benefits of using Chauffeur Only:

·         Cost effective use of your asset

·         Use as and when required - no employment hassle

·         Concentrate on your business - whilst we do the driving

Our "Chauffeur Only" service is designed for short term contracts where the client has a vehicle of their own and only requires an experience chauffeur to drive their vehicle.  Examples where this may be of benefit to you.

·         Personal chauffeur sick or on holiday

·         When you want to make the right impression to clients

·         Employee on short duration disqualification?


To use our Chaufffeur Only service, you will need to consider:


It is the responsibility of the client who is hiring the chauffeur under the “Chauffeur Only” scheme to ensure that the appointed chauffeur is insured to drive, at least as a named driver, on the Insurance cover of the vehicle to be driven. This has to be arranged by the client and is entirely at their own cost (insurance cover, fees, excess charges etc.) and risk, whilst proof of this cover should be at our office no later than 24 hours before the driver is required.  We will be unable to release a Chauffeur until we have seen a copy of the insurance cover document.



For licensing reasons all bookings must be made through Executive & Airport Travel and not with the chauffeur directly.


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, prior to the commencement of the scheduled start time, will be liable to an administration fee of £50.00, whilst cancellations less than 12 hours will be the Minimum Hire fee + £25.00.


All our chauffeurs are contracted to Executive & Airport Travel on a self-employed basis.  Clients will receive a weekly or monthly invoice as desired, which will contain the driver’s hours worked, other liable charges and total due, less any pre-paid deposit. This invoice must be paid prior to the commencement of the following hire period. Methods of payment can be discussed at the time of booking, however all credit payments are subject to a 3% charge.  Please note that our payment terms are strictly seven days from date of invoice, although an initial deposit will be required.